Rohde & Schwarz SGT100A SGMA Vector RF Source 6 GHz

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Rent Rohde & Schwarz SGT100A SGMA Vector RF Source 6 GHz
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Rohde & Schwarz SGT100A
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SGT100A Datasheet
The Rohde & Schwarz SGT100A is an RF vector signal generator with an integrated baseband generator. It has been optimized for use in production and automated applications. Designed as a fast and compact, space-saving solution, it provides top speed to ensure optimized throughput and fits into any test system. The R&S SGT100A is the first 1 HU 1/2 19" vector signal generator up to 6 GHz with an integrated baseband generator.

The radio frequency chain has been optimized for fastest frequency and level switch-over times. In the baseband, the multi-segment waveform mode helps users quickly switch from one test signal to the next. Though compact in size, the R&S SGT100A has excellent RF characteristics (e.g. signal quality and level accuracy) that are on par with those of larger high-end instruments. Maximum output level, level repeatability and excellent EVM performance are key characteristics in production environments. Equipped with a LAN, USB and PCIe interface, the R&S SGT100A allows remote control of test equipment in automated applications.
Rohde & Schwarz SGT100A Features
  • Fastest vector signal generator with frequency and level switch-over times of 240 μs (typ.) for optimized throughput in production
  • Smallest standalone vector signal generator up to 6 GHz with integrated baseband generator (1 HU 1/2 19")
  • Integrated baseband generator with I/Q modulation bandwidth of up to 160 MHz (in RF) supporting all advanced digital standards, including IEEE 802.11ac
  • Excellent RF performance for EVM and ACLR
  • Easy signal generation for digital standards such as LTE and LTE-Advanced using the R&S WinIQSIM2 simulation software
  • Ideal enhancement for the R&S SMW200A in MIMO applications with more than two receiving antennas