Rohde & Schwarz UPP Audio Analyzer

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Rent Rohde & Schwarz UPP Audio Analyzer
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Rohde & Schwarz UPP
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UPP Datasheet
High measurement speed, parallel signal processing in multichannel applications, and high reliability in continuous operation are vital requirements to be met by audio analyzers for use in production. If, on top of that, a cost-efficient instrument for system use is what you need, the solution is the Rohde & Schwarz UPP audio analyzer. The R&S UPV audio analyzer – the high-end instrument from Rohde & Schwarz – has held a solid position in all audio T&M applications for years. Measurement accuracy and dynamic range at the limits of what is possible, combined with unique measurement capabilities, make the R&S UPV ideal primarily for research, development and quality assurance tasks. The compact cost-efficient R&S UPP audio analyzer is designed for system applications. It features low height, and comes without front-panel control elements or integrated display. The instrument can be remote-controlled via LAN, USB or IEC/IEEE bus. In combination with an external monitor, mouse and keyboard, it becomes a manually operable measuring instrument for a lab bench. It has an integrated control PC, and the required software is already installed. Users can start taking measurements right away.
Rohde & Schwarz UPP Features
  • Suitable for all interfaces: analog, digital and combined
  • Parallel measurements on up to eight channels
  • Up to 80 kHz bandwidth and 200 kHz sampling rate
  • User-programmable filters for analyzer and generator
  • Compact instrument with integrated PC and low height