Remote Switch Systems T1-TTS

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Remote Switch Systems T1-TTS
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The Remote Switch Systems T1-Transfer/Test Set (T1-TTS) is a unit used to transfer and test T1 circuits from an old network path to a new network path. The T1-TTS combines the accuracy of a test set with the speed and versatility of a transfer unit. Transfers are accomplished independent of distance, without interrupting service.

With the T1-TTS, a transfer is achieved in 4 easy steps:

  1. Connection and Verification
  2. Cut-in
  3. Simultaneous Four-Wire Transfer
  4. Disconnection
RSS T1-TTS Features
  • Perform circuit transfers at your convenience, not having to wait for releases
  • Positive identification of all connections
  • Works with any type of active electronics in the network loop
  • Unlimited network transfer distance
  • Intelligent graphical user interface
RSS T1-TTS Applications
  • Copper to Fiber
  • Repeater T1 to HDSL
  • DSX replacements
  • Replacement of network elements in transmission path
  • Transmission path changed to interface with a higher rate multiplexer
  • Circuits and/or connections need to be rerouted due to construction or facility modifications