Rx Monitoring Services Cx Power Quality Monitor

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Rx Monitoring Services Cx Monitor
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Cx Monitor Datasheet
The Rx Monitoring Services Cx Monitor is a power quality monitor adapted specifically for the needs of a commissioning agent. The monitor gathers all of the voltage and current data required for all of the commissioning tests as well as provides a means for gathering wireless T&H or DC voltage data for over one hundred (100) locations! The Cx Monitor® is equipped to simultaneously monitor in real time, voltage on ten (10) separate channels and current on five (5) separate channels. This is ideal for documenting the testing of generators, UPS and transfer switches.
Rx Monitoring Services Cx Monitor Features
  • Clock: Leap Year, 24-Hour, with time zone info
  • Real-time Clock Accuracy: +/- 1 sec / day max.
  • Internal Memory: Minimum 512Mbytes high speed NAND Flash
  • Wireless 802.11g Integration (Ad-hoc mode)
  • 10/100Mbit Ethernet; FTP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SSH
  • USB Mass storage class support
  • Remote access though secure remote Ethernet tunneling
  • Max number of events: Only limited by internal memory
  • Power Requirements: 100V-240V ACrms +/-10% 47-63 Hz 10Watt s 24Vdc 0.5Arms Center Barrel positive
  • UPS standby time: Programmable Max time 10 Minute