Sencore DA795 DigiPro Digital Audio Analyzer

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Sencore DA795
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DA795 Datasheet
The Sencore DA795 DigiPro Digital Audio Analyzer provides a powerful, complete set of test, troubleshooting and utility functions for digital audio analysis, in a hand-held DSP-powered device. With the DA795 Digital Audio Analyzer, you can analyze any stereo digital audio signal, and generate low-noise digital test signals, all at up to 24 bit/96k sample rate resolution. Digital audio analysis features and functionality, normally found only on expensive bench test equipment, are now available in a portable, easy-to-use and cost-effective package.
Sencore DA795 Features
  • Bitstream Analyzer totally analyzes a digital stream to check actual word length and sample rate, bit activity, header status information, flag errors, byte detail, and low carrier voltage.
  • Bitscope shows distortion, noise, jitter, or phase on an S/D or X-Y scope, and also applies the results to the internal speaker, headphones, and line output.
  • Pass Mode modifies a signal’s status information, performs sample-rate conversion, changes signal formats (AES/SPDIF/ADAT), or adds digital signal gain or attenuation.
  • Clock/Sample Counter measures sample rate/word clock (±0.01Hz) and superclock (±4Hz).
  • Jitter Meter tests RMS interface jitter on a digital signal (to 150ps) or clock (to 35ps), as referenced to an internal crystal or external master clock.
  • LAeq Dialog Level measures "equivalent" average sound level. Helps broadcasters meet FCC Dialog Level (dialnorm) spec.
  • Digital Watchdog captures signal errors for a test period and graphs the errors.
  • Latency Test checks the signal delay through a device with a digital audio input.
  • Cable Tester tests digital audio cables for functional quality with Julian Dunn J-test waveform.
  • Transparency Test verifies that a signal path or recording/storage device passes digital test waveforms without errors, with either synchronous or asynchronous test.
Sencore DA795 Specs
Digital Input/Output
Digital Signal Formats AES-3, S/PDIF coaxial, S/PDIF optical (Toslink), ADAT, BNC
Lock Detect: <1 ppm
Digital Watchdog
Minimum Test Period 1 minute
Maximum Test Period
24 hours
Minimum length of detected error, all test times
Transparency Test
Maximum number of errors per channel
Maximum length of test
Frequency Counter
Frequency accuracy 0.1 ppm or ±0.01 Hz in a word clock or sample clock, or ±4 Hz in a master clock signal (256xFs)
Signal Generator
Sine wave output frequency 1 Hz to 20 kHz
Sine wave distortion Better than -130 dB THD+N
Latency Test
Accuracy ±2 samples
Jitter Meter
Jitter Range AES/EBU or SPDIF Input 150 pS to 100 nS
Clock/Super clock Input 35 pS to 100 nS
Analog Output
Unbalanced voltage range 0 dBu to –66 dBu
Balanced output voltage range +6 dBu to –60 dBu
Sine wave distortion Better than –85 dB THD+N