Sencore LC75 Capacitor/Inductor Analyzer

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Sencore LC75 Inductor Analyzer
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Sencore LC75
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1.0 pF - 200 mF, Leakage to 600V, 1µH - 10H, Digital LC Meter
Sencore LC75 Features
  • Check capacitors for value from 1.0 pF to 200,000 uF, leakage to 600 V, dielectric absorption, and equivalent series resistance (ESR) with speed and accuracy
  • Inductor value from 1 uH to 10 H and inductor quality (ringing)
  • Hi-potential leakage tester for testing switches, PC boards, connectors and contacts. Read leakage as low as one microamp at selected voltages to 600 volts


Capacitor Tests

Capacitor Value; Capacitor Leakage; Electrolytic Dielectric Absorption; Electrolytic Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)

Inductor Tests

Inductor Value; Inductor Ringing

Special Tests

Transmission Line Distance to Open or Short; Leakage in Switches, PC Boards, Connectors, etc.