Sencore PR57 Variable Isolation Transformer/Safety Analyzer

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The Sencore PR57 AC Powerite Variable Isolation Transformer/Safety Analyzer is an AC safety supply designed to make sure that every factor related to power is correct. The operation is simplified, and all the features needed to meet these needs are included in a single, compact instrument. The Sencore PR57 Powerite features four functions in one compact package. First, the PR57 has an isolation transformer to isolate chassis that have one side connected directly to the AC power line to eliminate shock hazards during service. The isolation transformer also provides safety for the test equipment and prevents possible damage to the set itself.

The Sencore PR57 has a variable AC transformer that allows you to vary the isolated AC output voltage from 0 to 140 volts AC. You can apply a high and low line to check regulator and shut down circuit operation or apply a high line to cook out intermittent trouble.