Solar 9336-100-PJ-100-BP Line Impedance Simulation Network

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The Solar 9336-100-PJ-100-BP Line Impedance Simulation Network is used for testing items which will be installed in spacecraft. They establish an impedance-versus-frequency condition which simulates the d.c. power sources used on satellites and other vehicles operating in a space environment. These are dual units with both positive and negative leads going through. Both lines are isolated from the case.

The distinction between Line Impedance Simulation Networks and Line Impedance Stabilization Networks is twofold:
  • Simulation networks do not contain an r.f. factor.
  • Simulation networks are normally used on d.c. lines only (See the back side of this page for a.c.-d.c. units).
The acronym LISN is often used for either type of unit and it is important to provide modifiers to distinguish which unit is being described.