Solinst 3001 Levelogger Edge Data Logger

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The Solinst 3001 Levelogger Edge Data Logger is a precise water level and temperature recorder.  It is ideal for recording water levels in monitoring and production wells, boreholes, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. The Solinst 3001 has an accuracy of 0.05% of full scale and a storage memory that can hold up to 120,000 sets of readings with the option of compressed sampling mode.

The Solinst 3001 features 10-year battery life, a pressure sensor, and a temperature sensor. The logger is factory sealed in a small waterproof case of 22 x 159 mm (7/8 x 6.25 inches) fitted with a titanium-based coating for corrosion protection. The waterproof design makes maintenance and cleaning simpler as well as protecting against power surges caused by lightning or pumps.