Solmetric PVA-600+ PV Analyzer Kit

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Solmetric PVA-600+
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PVA-600+ Datasheet
The Solmetric PVA-600+ PV Analyzer Kit is an I-V curve tracer with advanced modeling that enables unprecedented accuracy and insight into PV array performance during commissioning, O&M, auditing, and troubleshooting.

For each string, the PV Analyzer™ measures I-V (current vs voltage) and P-V (power vs voltage) curves with a single button press in less than 250ms. The measured results are compared to the expected performance based on actual instantaneous irradiance and module temperature and a sophisticated model of the system. The I-V unit communicates wirelessly to a Windows tablet or laptop (not included) enhancing safety, outdoor readability, and the ability to do detailed analysis in the field.

I-V curves are the preferred method for verifying array performance during the commissioning phase of a project because they give the most detailed electrical characterization of the array. Populations of curves can be analyzed quickly for outliers and data can be archived as a baseline for future reference if performance questions arise.
Solmetric PVA-600+ Features
  • I-V and P-V graphs
  • Large, bright, colorful user interface on (user supplied) tablet or laptop for ease-of-use and in-field analysis.
  • Wireless interface speeds setup, eliminates tangled wires, increases safety, and provides flexibility in troubleshooting.
  • Built-in advanced predictive PV models give highly accurate expected performance and instant performance feedback.
  • Database of more than 10,000 modules with automatic updates.
  • Careful control of sweep speeds accurately measures high-efficiency modules and strings.
  • Rugged design can measure string-after-string, combiner-after-combiner without overheating or slowing down measurement time.
  • Automated data management and analysis.
Solmetric PVA-600+ Accessories
Solmetric PVA-600+ comes standard with:
  • I-V Measurement Unit with soft carrying case
  • PVA Software for Windows™
  • SolSensor Wireless PV Reference Sensor
  • Connector saver jumper set (two 12-inch m-f MC-4 jumpers)
  • MC-4 to MC-3 adapter cable set
  • Battery charger (AC adapter)