Soltec TA220-1200 Data Acquisition System

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The Soltec TA220-1200 Data Acquisition System is enhanced with functions for color data display, acquisition, and analysis. The TA220-1200 unit features a waveform printing chart recorder feature and data monitoring and acquisition. This mainframe accepts a wide selection of plug-in signal conditioning amplifiers, a wealth of calculation and analysis functions, and three types of communication interfaces to make the unit a versatile, portable data acquisition system, memory recorder, data logger, transient recorder, and real-time recorder, all-in-one.


  • Selectable Functions
  • Multi-channel Support
  • Wide Variety of Input Signal Conditioners
  • Color LCD Display
  • Long Term Data Storage
  • Modem and Fax Transmission Functions Increase Measurement Efficiency


Function Stores measured data in real time to a memory medium (Real-time data storage)
Recording Speed 200us to 1s, user set. External synchronization possible.
Recording Method Linear Buffer: Stores set no. of data samples and stops.
Loop(ring buffer): Overwrites old data with most recent events.