Solutelia WIND (Wireless Intelligence on Demand)

Rent Solutelia WIND (Wireless Intelligence on Demand)
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Rent Solutelia WIND (Wireless Intelligence on Demand) Rent Solutelia WIND (Wireless Intelligence on Demand)
Solutelia WIND
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The Wind™ Solution is a large-scale wireless network optimization test and control system consisting of a web portal, Windows™ console application and server coupled with any number of Wind App™ device clients. From a remote location, you can monitor and analyze real-time measurement results for GSM/GPRS, CDMA/ EVDO, WCDMA, HSDPA / HSUPA / HSPA + WIMAX / WIBRO and LTE wireless networks with multiple testing options such as voice call and data call (FTP, HTTP PING, WAP, E-Mail and SMS).

Wind App:

WIND App™ can be installed on various Google Android OS/Apple OS based Smartphone or Tablet PC devices. Its functions include network parameter measurement, measured data auto save, and measured data re-play about voice and wireless data quality/performance. Easy portability of the Wind App™ provides a convenient and an easy network optimization testing environment in any location, such as crowded streets, inside buildings, and in subways which are difficult to measure with legacy systems. Wind App™ enables the user to create their own indoor map for in-building and underground measurement. It also supports real-time ‘Google map’ for outdoor measurement and displays network quality of current position on the map with device's GPS module.

Wind Console:

Wind Console™ is the viewing software for real-time monitoring of logged data and control between Wind App™ and Wind Server™
  • Real-time Map Display: Received RF Signal
  • Monitoring Mode: Run Wind App™ during everyday usage
  • DB building: Measurement Data Storing/Re-play
  • Structured Analysis and Report Functions: Easy to understand User Interface

Wind Server:

Remotely store, monitor and analyze all data collected through Wind App™. The Wind Server™ is comprised of WCF, WEB, DB and TCP servers. A system manager can help the users of the Wind App™ device using the remote control/ management functions of Intake server. These features could significantly reduce the cost of operating personnel. Also, operational efficiency can be improved dramatically.

Wind Analyzer:

Wind Analyzer™ is cloud based network bench-marking and analysis software for optimizing wireless networks.

  • Network design and optimization through collected Signal Legend and measured Data Throughput.
  • Performance analysis between various handsets under same test environment.
  • Measurement of wireless service quality from Customers’ experience.

Analysis functions:
  • MAP Analysis (Google map & In-building map)
  • Time Graph Analysis
  • L1/L2/L3 Message Analysis
  • Sheet Analysis (Statistics & Parameter table)
  • Site DB display & Edit on map
  • Logging File Merge Function
  • Automation Report Function (Excel/Word/PPT/PDF)