Sorensen DCR600-3B 600 Volt DC Power Supply

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Sorensen DCR600-3B 600 Volt DC Power Supply
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Sorensen DCR600-3B
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Manual DCR600-3B Datasheet
Sorensen DCR600-3B Series high power programmable DC power supplies have input SCR pre-regulator topology plus regulation and transient response performance suitable for all test and measurement applications. Twenty-nine models in eight voltage ranges offer from 0-10 to 0-600 Vdc with power levels from 400 to 2800 watts.
Sorensen DCR600-3B Features
  • OVP "crowbar" standard on all DCR-B2 models.
  • Rack mountable
  • Series and Parallel Operation
  • Remote voltage or resistance programming in voltage or current modes
  • 50 or 60 Hz operation, without de-rating
  • 0.03% line and load regulation (typical)
  • 120 volt single phase input standard on models up to 1800 watt (208/220/230VAC optional)
Sorensen DCR600-3B Specs
Voltage: 120 volt, single phase
Frequency: 47 Hz - 63 Hz
Isolation Voltage: 1000 volt DC input to output
Regulation: 0.03%
Noise Ripple: 65 mV to 1200 mV
Transient Response: 50 mS typical for a 50% load change
Operating Temperature Range: 0 - 70° C
Remote Programming: Resistance and voltage programming via rear terminal strip.
V/I Crossover: Automatic between voltage and current
Ambient Cooling: Convection cooled on 500 watt and 1800 watt, fan cooled on 1000 watt and 2800 watt models.