Sorensen DCS20-150E DC Power Supply, 20V, 150A

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Sorensen DCS20-150E DC Power Supply, 20V, 150A
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Sorensen DCS20-150E DC Power Supply, 20V, 150A Sorensen DCS20-150E DC Power Supply, 20V, 150A
Sorensen DCS20-150
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DCS20-150 Datasheet Accessory Kit

The DCS Family of 1 kW, 1.2 kW and 3 kW programmable power supplies utilizes unique packaging techniques to achieve continuous full output power (1 kW, 1.2 kW or 3 kW) in any volt/amp combination within the rated output voltage and current limits in a low profile chassis. Demonstrated large installed base over a long period of time, the DCS family provides a highly reliable power platform.

This family has an easy-to-use front panel with 10-turn potentiometers to adjust voltage and current settings that are displayed simultaneously. LEDs indicate overtemperature, remote programming, shutdown and over voltage protection, status and constant-voltage/current mode operation. The DCS 3 kW Models have push button control of the output standby mode, OVP reset, remote/local programming and preview status of voltage, current and OVP setpoints.

The DCS family can also be controlled remotely. Four analog control modes are standard as well as isolated analog control (option). Computer control can be accomplished over IEEE488.2 GPIB (option) or LXI-compliant Ethernet (option).
Sorensen DCS20-150 Specs
Output Power: Voltage VDC: 0-20
Current ADC@50°C: 50
Combined Regulation Line and Load % 0.2
Constant Voltage Mode Ripple(rms) mV: 4
Noise(p-p) mV: 60
Transient Response Time μs(Typ): 500
Temp. Coeff. Voltage % / °C (Typ) 0.02
Voltage Drift % Vmax (Typ) 0.05
Programming Constants Voltage Mode Ohms/V: 250
V/V: 0-10V = 0-100% V° or 0-5V = 0-100% V°