Sorensen SLH-AC Electronic Load

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Sorensen SLH-AC Electronic Load
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Sorensen SLH-AC
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Manual SLH-AC Datasheet
The SLH Family of rackmount/standalone electronic loads are fully programmable, high power AC or DC electronic loads. The SLH-AC electronic load comes in 500V models which are used for PFC testing, power transformers and various other AC or DC power sources. The 300V models are used for testing of UPS, automatic voltage regulators (AVR), and batteries. See Sorensen SLH DC Electronic Load for information about the DC model.
Sorensen SLH-AC Features
  • High current, 60V DC models for general purpose power supply testing
  • High voltage, AC/DC models are intended for inverter test
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit testing (500V) and UPS testing (300V)
Sorensen SLH-AC Applications
Low Voltage Operation
All SL series loads operate well below 1V. However in many applications, such as fuel cell research and microprocessor voltage regulator modules (VRM), the voltage at the load inputs can be 0.1 to 0.2V. This low voltage does not allow the load transistors to fully turn-on (bottom right corner of the power contour). To utilize the full rated current of an electronic load, a boost supply can be placed in series to increase the voltage. While a fixed voltage DC-DC converter can be used as the boost supply, a programmable power supply is preferred to keep the load voltage at the minimum to draw full current as the device under test ramps up in voltage.