SPI 4530 Recon Articulating Video Borescope

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The SPI 4530 Recon Articulating Video Borescope has a 4.5 mm diameter and a 3.0 m probe. Th 4530 borescope, built with 360-degree articulation, and 3x zoom with a base, provides the most advanced technology for accurate measurements. The borescope has a 1 MP camera and six ultra-bright LEDs and has a user-friendly 6" high-resolution screen for easy navigation. 

Recons's True Interchangbale probe design enables the 4530 to be compatible with nearly a dozen different probes, making it an extremely functional and versatile borescope. The 4530 has an ergonomic pistol grip design, as well as wrist and shoulder straps to ensure the ultimate ease of use with comfort.

This 4.5 mm borescope is apart of the SPI Recon Series.