Spirent TAS 4500 RF Channel Emulator

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The Spirent TAS 4500 RF Channel Emulator has been discontinued.

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The TAS 4500 RF Channel Emulator provides a convenient, thorough approach for testing wireless communications equipment by emulating the delay, fast and slow fading, and path loss characteristics of RF mobile communication channels. The 4500 allows thorough testing in a laboratory setting and drastically reduces the time required for product tests. The 4500 can be used to test a wide range of wireless voice and data communication equipment, including cellular telephones, cellular modems, personal communication terminals, wireless LANs, pagers, wireless network equipment, and much more. A single 4500 emulates two independent wide bandwidth RF channels, each with up to six transmission paths. Delay, path loss, Rayleigh fading, and log-normal fading characteristics can be programmed for each path. Two six-path channels can be combined to make one 12-path channel, and two, three, or four 4500s can be combined and synchronized for multi-channel applications.