Storage Battery Systems EX Internal Resistance Tester

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Rent Storage Battery Systems EX Internal Resistance Tester
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Storage Battery Systems, Inc. SBS-EX
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The Storage Battery Systems EX Internal Resistance Tester are digital battery diagnostic testers meeting all IEEE recommendations for stationary battery applications. They are used in the telecommunications, utility and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) industries.

The SBS-EX measure the internal resistance, voltage and temperature within 3 seconds or less while the system is online on float charge. Included with our units is the Exmons Pro Battery Management Software used effectively for trending and advanced record keeping. SBS-EX has been in use worldwide with the utmost in satisfaction and reliability by end users. Recommended practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement for Stationary Applications.
Storage Battery Systems, Inc. SBS-EX Features
  • Tests:
    • Internal Resistance (mOhm): +/1% accuracy
    • Conductance (Siemens): +/-1% accuracy
    • Voltage (V): +/- 0.5% accuracy
    • Temperature (°C): +/-2% accuracy
  • Measuring Time:
    • Normal
    • Fine
    • Auto: within 3 secs or less
  • Power Supply: Li-ion Battery
  • Meets IEEE battery system testing recommendations
  • CE compliant
  • Can manage the measurement of data in 14 different banks
  • Easy data transfer to PC and easy database management
  • Compact and light-weight (fits in the palm of you hand)
  • Measurement Ranges: 10–6000 ah, 0.1–60vdc under 300hz
  • Includes diagnosis software
    • SBS-EX includes software for single user/computer
    • SBS-ULTRA for server/multiple users & computers
  • Excel 2000/2002 & Windows 98/2000/XP compatible