Sumitomo Quantum Type Q101-VS+ Fusion Splicer

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Sumitomo Quantum Type Q101-VS+ Fusion Splicer
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Sumitomo Quantum Type Q101-VS+
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Quantum Type Q101-VS+ Datasheet
The Sumitomo Quantum Type Q101-VS+ Fusion Splicer is an active cladding alignment fusion splicer with the power to achieve a 7 second fusion splice time and a 20 second heater cycle time when working with a 60mm sleeve. Sumitomo Quantum Type Q101-VS+ devices come equipped with fiber holders to enhance modular fiber retention, rendering them ideal for use with splice-on connectors, loose buffer and corded fibers. A navigational touchscreen monitor optimizes the accessibility of the Sumitomo Quantum Type Q101-VS+'s interface and features an SD port for virtually unlimited video, software uploads and other analytical data storage. These fusion splicing devices are RoHS compliant and are compatible with an array of fiber types, including SMF, MMF, DSF, NZ-DSF and BIF/UBIF fibers.
Sumitomo Quantum Type Q101-VS+ Features
  • RoHS compliant
  • Active cladding alignment fusion splicer
  • High resolution touchscreen with navigational capacities
  • Remote maintenance and software upgrades via internet connectivity
  • Built in ‘How-To’ videos, video playback 
  • High-speed heat shrink oven to increase efficiency of each splice
  • Internal battery charges while splicing
  • Automatic splice, arc calibration and heater start functionality
  • Lynx2 CustomFit® Splice-On Connector compatible
Sumitomo Quantum Type Q101-VS+ Specs
Typical Splice Time 7 second splice time
Heater Cycle Time 20 seconds; 60mm slim
Heater Programs 100
Coating Diameter 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.9mm
Cladding Diameter 125um
Cleave Length 10mm
Typical Splice Loss, Identical Fibers SMF: 0.03dB; MMF: 0.01 dB; NZ-DSF: 0.04dB
Alignment Method Active Cladding Alignment
Built-In Splice Protection Sleeve Heater Single Independent Auto Start Heater
Electrode Life 3,000 arcs