Sumitomo T-400S Handheld Fusion Splicer

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Sumitomo T-400S Handheld Fusion Splicer
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Sumitomo T-400S
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T-400S Datasheet
The Sumitomo T-400S Handheld Fusion Splicer is an active cladding alignment fiber splicing device capable of quickly conducting fiber-end face evaluation and post joining loss estimation. Sumitomo T-400S models provide a 7 second fusion splice time and a 24 second heat shrinking time. By utilizing advanced optical technology, high-precision motors and cutting-edge embedded software, the Sumitomo T-400S eliminates the need for a technician's personal assessment required in other forms of termination. Operating the device is simple via the new high resolution user interface, which offers effortless program navigation and analysis. Sumitomo T-400S units are economically advantageous to technicians as well, delivering automated installation of optical connectors for the price of lower tech, tool-centric systems.
Sumitomo T-400S Features
  • RoHS compliant
  • Fusion splices an array of fiber types over varying deployment time periods
  • Competitively quick 6-second fusion splicing
  • 24-second heat shrinking
  • Low loss splicing retains quality consistently 
  • For new users, operation is simple; interface offers quick, accessible program analysis and navigation
  • Handheld operation and fast set-up in minimal working conditions
  • Lynx2 CustomFit Splice-On Connector compatible
  • FTTx Initiatives in one machine
Sumitomo T-400S Specs
Size(mm) 129W x 195D x 99H
Weight 1.3kg with Battery
Display Type 4.3” Color LCD Display
Shock–Free Fall 76cm on bottom face
Waterproof IPx1
Dustproof IP5x
Joining Time 7 sec. (typical)
Heating Time 24 sec. (typical)
Electrode Life 6,000 arc discharges