Sumitomo Type 37SE Micro-Core Fusion Splicer

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Sumitomo Type 37SE
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Type 37SE Datasheet
The Sumitomo Type-37SE has been replaced by the Sumitomo Quantum Type Q102-CA

View the Sumitomo Quantum Type Q102-CA

The Sumitomo Type 37SE Micro-Core Fusion Splicer is a lightweight, portable, fully automatic, self- contained instrument for creating low-loss optical fiber splices. It features a user- friendly software package with on-screen operation instructions that help simplify training requirements. It is highly portable at only 9.0 lbs and can receive power via an internal AC power module or internal 12V DC battery module. The splicer automatically aligns a pair of optical fibers in both the X and Y (horizontal and vertical) planes and then fuses them together with heat from an electric arc to form a low-loss splice. HDCM (High-resolution Direct Core Monitoring) image processing software in the splicer is used to perform core alignment and estimates the splice loss. The operation can be performed in as little as 11 seconds with an average splice loss of 0.02 decibels(dB) for identical single-mode fibers.
Sumitomo Type 37SE Features
  • Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
  • On Board Splice Protection Heater
  • 5.6” Color LCD Monitor
  • 340x Fiber Magnification
  • 30mph Wind Protection
  • User Friendly Software With Help Features
  • Operation By AC Power or 12V Li-ion Battery
  • Tool-free Maintenance for Changing Electrodes
  • Back Mount Monitor Option Available
  • Fast Fiber Protection Sleeve Heater