Sumitomo Type-39 FastCat Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Rent Sumitomo Type-39 FastCat Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
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Sumitomo  Type-39
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The Sumitomo Type-39 FastCat Core Alignment Fusion Splicer is the industry’s first splicer to feature a Dual-Automatic Heater System featuring Auto Start Heater and Auto Start Splice functions — making the FastCat the fastest splicer available today. The Type-39 FastCat’s advanced electronic design, which accommodates the built-in dual heating system and simultaneous operation, reduces the bottle neck of “heater wait time” by 88%. With an individual heater cycle time of only 30 seconds (60mm Fiber Protection Sleeves) and a splice cycle of only 9 seconds, the FastCat improves splicing efficiency by 70%.


  • Dual Independent Splice Protection Heaters, Increasing Splicing Efficiency by 70% and Making the Type-39 FastCat, with the Exception of Sumitomo’s Quantum, the Fastest Splicer Available Today
  • HDCM (High Resolution Direct Core Monitoring)Technology for Repeatable Low-Loss Splices
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 5.6” Switchable Color Monitor for Front  to Back or Back to Front Operation
  • Automatic Splice and Heater Start
  • Automatic Fiber Profiling Detection
  • Complete Splice in Less than 40 Seconds
  • Built-In LED for V-Groove Illumination
  • User-Friendly Menu Selection System



Compliant (engineered to be more environmentally friendly)

Fiber Requirement

Silica Glass

Coating Diameter

250 and 900µm

Cladding Diameter

80 to 150μm

Cleave Length


Typical Splice Loss,
Identical Fibers   

SMF: 0.02dB
MMF: 0.01dB
NZ-DSF: 0.04dB

Number of Fiber Profiles

48 Customizable

Number of Pre-Installed
Heater Profiles

20 Customizable

Internal Splice Data Storage


Monitor Position

Multiple Position Monitor


USB Port for PC Interface
RCA Jack for External Monitor
DC input for Car Battery Operation

Dual Independent Heaters

Each Heater: 25 seconds 40mm sleeve
                   30 seconds 60mm sleeve

Typical Splice Time

9 Seconds Splice Cycle Time

Language Selections


Arc Test 

Automatically Compensates for Environmental Conditions

Menu Selection 

User Friendly Menus

Return Loss 


Proof Test 

Internal 200g (Std.), 400g (Optional)

Attenuation Splicing 

Up to 15dB in increments of 0.01db

Loss Estimation Process

High-resolution Direct Core Monitoring (HDCM)

Image Display 

Dual or Single Fiber Imaging X/Y