Sumitomo Type-66 TuffCat Mass Fusion Splicer

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Sumitomo Type-66
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Type-66 Datasheet
The Sumitomo Type-66 has been replaced by the Sumitomo Quantum Type Q102-CA

View the Sumitomo Quantum Type Q102-CA

The Sumitomo Type-66 TuffCat Mass Fusion Splicer features the industry's first Dual-Automatic-Splice Protection Sleeve Heater System - Sumitomo's exclusive patent-pending system. The dual heater system's simultaneous operation helps to eliminate squandered time waiting for a single heater system to complete its cycle. Instead, the streamlined splicing process reduces the bottle neck of "heater wait time" by 88%, improving mass splicing efficiency and productivity in the field by 70%.
Sumitomo Type-66 Features
  • Dual Independent Splice Protection Sleeve Heaters
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Optional Splice-on-Connector Heater
  • Lynx2 CustomFit ® Splice-On-Connector Compatible with the Industry’s Only MPO Field Installable Splice-on Connector for Customized, On-site Terminations and Exact Cable Builds
  • 5.6" Switchable Color Monitor for Front to Back or Back to Front Operation
  • Automatic Splice Start
  • Automatic Heater Start
  • Fiber Alignment Vibration clamps
  • Extended Life Battery 140 Splices & Heater Cycles per Charge
  • User-Friendly Menu Selection System with on Screen Assistance
  • Spanish Language Option Standard
Sumitomo Type-66 Specs

Alignment Method

Fixed V-groove


Compliant (engineered to be more environmentally friendly)

Fiber Requirement

Silica Glass

Number of Fibers

1 -12

Fiber Placement

Fiber Holder System (Unified Holders for Type 25e/Type 66/Type-65)

Cladding Diameter


Coating Diameter

Ribbon 250μm; Single: 250 and 900μm

Typical Splice Time

20 seconds

Typical Splice Loss,
Identical Fibers

SMF: 0.04dB
MMF: 0.03dB
NZ-DSF: 0.07dB

Built-In Dual Splice Protection Sleeve Heater

Dual Independent Splice Protection Sleeve Heaters

Heater Cycle Time

Heater 1, 40 seconds
Heater 2, 40 seconds

Arc Test Compensation


DC (Battery Operation) 

Standard: 70 Splices & Heater Cycles
Extended Life: 140 Splices & Heater Cycles

Arc Test

Automatically Compensates for Environmental Conditions


USB for PC Interface; RCA Jack for External Monitor; 12 Volt DC Output for Accessories

Display Type

5.6 Color TFT Low Glare High Resolution Color monitor

Display Positions

Multiple Positional for Front to Back/ Back to Front Work Flow

Selectable Language Options

18 Language Options including Spanish

Lynx2—CustomFit® Splice-On Connector


Splice Data Storage

2,000 Splice Points