Sunsight AAT-15 RF/Microwave Path Alignment Kit

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Rent Sunsight Instruments AAT-15 Antenna Alignment Tool
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Sunsight Instruments AAT-15
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AAT-15 Datasheet
The Sunsight AAT-15 RF/Microwave Path Alignment Kit is specifically designed to achieve a highly accurate positional path alignment, and will make RF or microwave antenna installations fast and accurate -- saving valuable time and money. Installation engineers can now conduct key tests and reporting with improved accuracy. The Sunsight AAT-15 is designed to be flexible and cost-efficient, to address user needs. The enhanced performance is achieved while still allowing the use of our standard RF panel alignment mounting accessories. With an accuracy of .15 degrees RMS in azimuth and .1 degree in Tilt and Roll, it is the most accurate RF panel alignment tool on the market today. The Sunsight AAT-15 alignment reports are accepted by all major US carriers as well as many international carriers.
Sunsight Instruments AAT-15 Features
  • Align Microwave backhaul antennas in minutes instead of hours or even days
  • Alignment of your microwave links has never been faster or easier
  • Each all inclusive kit includes two alignment units to allow simultaneous alignment of both sides of the link in minutes
  • Azimuth, tilt, roll, height and geographic location (Lat/Long)
  • No additional software, post processing, or cables are required
  • Proven to align backhaul antenna links up to 150 miles
  • Can also be used as two RF directional antenna alignment tools for panel antennas
Sunsight Instruments AAT-15 Specs
Azimuth R99* .45°
Azimuth RMS* .15°
Tilt/Roll .1°
Position 30 cm w/SBAS
Altitude With LRF 30 cm (AGL)
GPS Receiver 540 channel
Satellite Constellations GPS and GLONASS
Type LiFePO4
Life 8-9 hrs
Charge Time 1.5 hrs
Charger 100-240VAC
Unit 4.5 lbs
Mount 4 lbs
Unit Dimensions 22.7"x3.8"x1.7"
Environment and Connectivity 
Op Temp -40°C to 70°C
Storage Temp -40°C to 85°C
Humidity 95%
Communications 802.11b,g,n
Output PDF, CSV, HTML, Proprietary encrypted format
Memory 8 GB
Industry Certifications CE and FCC