T&R PT30-10 High Voltage DC Cable Test System

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The T&R PT30-10 High Voltage DC Cable Test System is a high voltage dc test set designed to perform tests on installed cable and jointing systems. The unit has a variable output voltage with a maximum or ±30kVdc (PT30-10). This unit has a maximum charging capability of 10mA. A zero-volt interlock is fitted that prevents the output being switched on unless the output control is at zero. The unit includes an automatic load discharge system that discharges the cable under test when the output is switched off or a breakdown occurs. The internal dumping system can discharge a maximum of 2.5kJ on each output, corresponding to 10mF at 18kV or 4mF at 30kV. In the event of a test object failure, the overload circuit will automatically switch off the output voltage and earth the output via the internal discharge circuit. A manual discharge probe is also supplied as standard with the unit, allowing higher load capacitances to be safely discharged.