Tautron 7500 Facility and Channel Test Set

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Tau-tron 7500 T1/DS1 Facility and Channel Test Set Input Signal Level
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Tau-Tron 7500
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T1/DS1 Portable Facility and Channel Test Set
Tau-Tron 7500 Features
T1/DS1 Interface
  • Input Signal Level
    Term +3 dB to -26 dB (DSX-1 or Mon)
    Bridg +3 dB to -34 dB (Cable)
    Bridg +3 dB to -6 dB (Non-Cable)
  • Input Impedance: 100 ohms-Termination Mode; 1000 ohms-Bridged Mode
  • Input Clock Frequency: 1.544 MHz ±300 ppm
  • Output: DSX-1 Compatible, and Selectable Line build out of 0-100, 100-350, 350-655 feet
  • Transmit Clock: Recovered or Internal Oscillator
  • Frame Formats: D4 with Signaling, D4 No-Signaling (SLC* -96), ESF with Signaling, ESF No-Signaling, Unframed
  • Line Code (Zero Suppression): AMI, AMI with data limit of 7 0's, B8ZS


BERT Functions
  • Test Patterns: QRSS (Bell Spec. CB113) 220-1, 215-1, 2047, 511, 63, 1:3, 1:7, Mark
  • Test Lengths: 10E5 to 10E8 or Autoranging
  • Error Measurement: Logic, Frame, Bipolar Violations, CRC
  • Error Formats: Bit, BER, Error-Second, Error-Free-Second
  • BERT Synchronization: Auto or Manual
  • Error Injection: Automatic; Manual: Single Logic, BPV, Frame


VF Functions
  • D-Formats: D1D, D2, D3/4
  • Channel Access: VF Input/Output, VF Channel Selection, Single, Scan or Scroll-Idle Pattern on all VF Channels, Digital Milliwatt to VF, VF Input
  • Measure: level and frequency on selected channel
  • A and B Signaling (C and D for ESF): Receive single channel, Receive all channels, Transmit single DS-0 channel
  • E/M Signaling: M-Lead (-48 Vdc); E-Lead (Open/Closed Relay Contacts)
  • Speaker Microphone: Enables VF signal monitoring and a two-way telephone conversation


User Interfaces

T1/DS1 In, T1/DS1 Out, VF Input, VF Output, E/M Jack, External Speaker - Bantam Jack, External Clock - BNC Connector, LCD Display Contrast Control, Speaker Volume Control, Printer/Terminal Interface - RS-232, DB-25 connector, External Power Jack for charger/AC adapter, Power Switch

  • Size (H x W x D): 12.5" x 8.2" x 4.8" (31.8 x 20.8 x 12.2 cm)
  • Weight: 10.2 lb (4.63 kg)
  • Power: 12 Vdc input from 120 Vac charger/adapter or 12 Vdc charger/adapter. Battery Life of gel/cel - 5 hours (under normal conditions)