Teac RD 125T Dual Speed 4-Channel DAT Data Recorder

Teac RD 125T Dual Speed 4-Channel DAT Data Recorder
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Data recorded on the TEAC RD-125T data recorder can be reproduced on any other RD series model, as long as the number of recorded channels equals the number of reproduction channels. For instance, data recorded using the RD-130TE in 8-channel mode can be reproduced on an RD-130TE, RD-135T, RD-145T, RD-180T, RD-200T in 8-channel mode. A GP-113 interface allows the data recorders' functions to be controlled from a host computer. This feature also permits easy configuration of automatic measuring systems.

Use of the ID number search system permits high speed search at up to 200 times the record/reproduce speed in both forward and reverse directions for speedy search of data header. End search function rapidly locates the end of the last recording so that further recordings can be made speedily. With an independent memo channel and the front panel's built-in microphone, continuous hands-free recording of the surrounding environment is possible during data recording. Simultaneously recorded background sounds can be extremely useful when analyzing recorded measurement data.

Memo announce and data signal can be reproduced by the built-in speaker for any desired single channel; extremely useful for aural evaluation of recorded data. BNC terminals and operation switches are all provided on the front panel for centralized control and easy access. This enables greater on-site work efficiency and makes it easy to check multiple cable connections at a glance.


Record Reproduce System Multiplex PCM providing analog input and output

Conforms to DAT standards.
Recommended tapes:
Maxell DM120 (tape length:60m)
Maxell DM60 (tape length:30m)

Recording Format R-DAT
Quantization 16-bit
Data Recording Length Bit quantization of most-significant 14 bits
Record/Reproduce Head

4 (record/reproduce heads x2, heads for error-checking x2)
(erasure is by overwriting)

Error Correction Method Double Reed-Solomon
Tape Speed

16.3mm/sec (5/8"/sec)
8.15mm/sec ( 5/16"/sec)

Recording Time

1 hr (16.3mm/sec, DM120)
2 hrs (8.15mm/sec, DM120),
1 hr (8.15mm/sec, DM60)

Start' Stop Time (approx) 2 sec
Fast Forward/Rewind Time (approx) 60 sec (DM120 60m tape)
Input (Analog) 

range: +0.5, 2, 5, 20Vp
impedance : 100kΩ unbalanced (nominal)
filter: 64fs oversampling digital filter & analog filter

Output (Analog)

range: +2 - 5Vp variable4 (100kΩ load or more)
impedance: 75Ω unbalanced (nominal)
current (max.): +10mA (20Ω load)
filter: 8fs oversampling digital filter & low-pass analog filter

Digital Channel
(CH1 only: In case set for digital signal I/O mode)

Input Level: CMOS
Output Level: Open collector (+5V pull up)
Record/Reproduce bit: 14-bit parallel
Data Transfer rate: Equals to the sampling rate of the analog channels.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio 75dB or more
Phase Difference Between Channels 2 degrees max
(With same input range setting)

# of Data Channels and Frequency Response


Tape Speed # of Data Channels 4
16.3 mm/sec Sampling Rate (/sec) 48k Samples
Frequency Response (+0.5/-1dB) DC-20 kHz