Tektronix 11A33 Differential Comparator

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Tektronix 11A33 Differential Comparator DC 150 MHz bandwidth
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Tektronix Test Equipment 11A33
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11A33 Datasheet

As a differential amplifier, the 11A33 provides a balanced (+ and -) input for applications requiring rejection of a common-mode signal. The unit can reject up to 8 V pk-pk of common-mode signal with a CMRR of 10,000:1 from DC to 1 MHz, (derating to 500:1 at 20 MHz 1 V p-p) at a deflection factor setting of 1 mV/div. Differential DC offset is available to null out DC offsets between the two inputs. This offset capability can be used with DC coupling at 1 mV/div to measure a bipolar transistor's Vbe change from self-heating caused by signal changes.

As a comparator amplifier the 11A33 loses its differential capability, but provides an accurate (0.15%) positive or negative internal offsetting voltage covering the amplifier's common-mode signal range. This mode is also known as slideback comparison. A signal of up to ±8 V may be applied to an input at a deflection factor setting of 1 mV/div, and with an opposing VC (offset voltage), small segments of the signal may be observed.
Tektronix Test Equipment 11A33 Features
  • DC to 150 MHz bandwidth
  • 1 mV to 10 V/Div calibrated deflection factors in 1% increments
  • Very high resolution, calibrated DC offset 16,000 division effective screen height
  • Differential DC offset range of ±1 V at 1 mV/Div
  • High common-mode rejection
  • Fast overdrive recovery from large input signals
  • Selectable 50 Ω, 1 MΩ, or 1 GΩ input impedance