Tektronix 1711J Waveform Monitors

Tektronix 1711J Waveform Monitor Fast, Standardized Operation
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Tektronix Test Equipment 1711J
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PAL Waveform Monitor
Tektronix Test Equipment 1711J Features
  • Fast, Standardized Operation
  • Dual-signal and Dual-filter Displays
  • RGB/YRGB Camera Monitoring
  • Flat, Low-pass and Chroma Filters
  • Bright, Internal Graticule CRT
Tektronix Test Equipment 1711J Specs
Deflection Factor:

1 V Full Scale - 140 IRE (1.0 V)

Frequency Response:

Flat (X1 gain) - 250 kHz to 6 MHz within 2% of response at 50 kHz

Transient Response, 1 V Full Scale:
  • Preshoot: 1% or less
  • Overshoot: 2% or less
  • Pulse-to-Bar Ratio: 0.99:1 to 1.01:1
  • Ringing: 2% or less
  • Field Tilt: 1% or less field rate squarewave
Tektronix Test Equipment 1711J Applications
  • Cost-effective Signal Monitoring in Camera Control
  • Consoles and Video Transmission Applications