Tektronix 1910 NTSC Test Signal Generator/Inserter

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Tektronix 1910 NTSC Test Signal Generator/Inserter
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Tektronix Test Equipment 1910
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Manual Accessory Kit
NTSC Test Signal Generator and Inserter
Tektronix Test Equipment 1910 Features
  • Four external VITS inputs for insertion of Teletext, Closed Captioning, Source ID, and more
  • Nonvolatile memory to maintain selected VITS and full field signal configuration after power interruption
  • Signal stored in replaceable PROMs
  • The accuracy and stability of all-digital 10-bit sync and signal generation
  • RS-232 remote control port
Tektronix Test Equipment 1910 Specs
Program Line Input Level 1 V ±3 dB (0.7 to 1.4 V) into 75 ohms
Impedance 75 ohms nominal
Hum Rejection >/=10 dB, (>/=20 dB user selectable) referenced to 1 V hum
Video Gain Unity gain ±0.5%
Pulse to Bar Ratio 2T Pulse to Bar Ratio: 100% ±0.25%
Frequency Response 0.5% to 5 MHz; 1.0% to 10 MHz
Differential Phase (10-90 APL)
Differential Gain (10-90 APL)
Random Noise (Weighted) >/=75 dB (rms) down, referenced to 1 V
Crosstalk (Internal to Program Line) 2T >/=70 dB: (down, referenced) to 0.714 V
Subcarrier: >/=60 dB down referenced to 0.714 V
RS232 Input/Output ASCII, Serial, Asynchronous Data. Full duplex input and output
Digital Data Interface Parallel, 12 balanced, signal pairs consisting of 10 bits per sample, clock, timing reference signal