Tektronix 2221 60MHz - 20MS/s Digital/Analog Storage Oscilloscope

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Tektronix 2221 Digital Analog Oscilloscope
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Tektronix Test Equipment 2221
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2221 Datasheet
2 Ch, 60 MHz - 20MS/s Analog/Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix Test Equipment 2221 Features
Digital Storage System

Sample Rate - 20 MS/s max; 10 MS/s dual channel. Effective sample rates up to 2 GS/s in repetitive storage mode (2 ms/div and faster).

Resolution - Vertical - 8 bits (25 levels per division), 10 bits with average mode. Horizontal - 10 bits (100 points per division). 9 bits per channel in dual channel mode.

Record Length - 4K (2K per channel in dual channel)

Pre/Post Trigger - 1/8, 1/2. or 7/8 trigger position selectable.

Acquisition Modes - Peak Detect (100 ns glitch capture at all available sweep speeds); Accumulated Peak Detect; Average; Sample.

Save Reference Memory - One 4K acquisition.

Trigger System

Trigger Operating Modes - Peak-Peak AUTO (also for TV LINE), NORM, TV FIELD, SGL, SWP.

X-Y Operation

Deflection Factors - Same as vertical system.

Bandwidth - X-Axis:  2.5 MHz in nonstore mode, up to 100 MHz in store mode.  Y-Axis:  same as vertical system.

Other Features:

Cursor Function - +Volts, +Time.

X-Y Plotter Output

IEEE-488 GPIB INTERFACE (Option 10) - Allows for direct plot output or remote control.  Consult your sales representative for availability.

Vertical System (2 Channels)

Bandwidth (3 dB) and Rise Time - 100 MHz and 3.5 ns (80 MHz and 4.4 ns at 2mV/div).

Deflection Factor - 2 mV/div to 5 V/div.

Vertical Operating Modes -  CH1, CH2, CH2 INVERT, ADD, ALT, CHOP (500 kHz), and XY.

Input R C - 1 M ohm, 20 pF.

Horizontal System

Sweep Speeds - 0.5 s/div to 0.05 µs/div (to 5 ns/div with x10 Mag)  5 s/div to 0.05 µs/div in store mode (to 5 ns/div with x10 Mag).

Horizontal Operating System - X1, X10, 4k COMPRESS.