Tektronix 2510S23 Multi-Channel Data Acquisition

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Tektronix 2510S23 Multi-Channel Data Acquisition
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Tektronix Test Equipment 2510S23
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Multi-Channel Data Acquisition, Data Analysis and Data Management System
Tektronix Test Equipment 2510S23 Features
  • Up to 16 channels in a briefcase size package
  • Simultaneous Acquisition of 2 to 48 Differential Analog Channels
  • Records up to 1 million Samples per Channel
  • Visual Analysis and Custom User-Entered Formulas
  • Read Signal Magnitudes in Engineering Units
  • Multi-Tests with Multi-Channels Conveniently Organized and Presented
Data Analysis:
  • View up to 16 channels simultaneously
  • View stored data with newly acquired data in stacked, overlay or X-Y display formats
  • Zoom and pan data
  • Dual cursors for precise signal magnitude and event relationship measurements
  • Read magnitudes in engineering units
  • Analyze data with waveform mathematics
  • No programming necessary
  • Built-in waveform mathematical functions include + - * / ^, sine, cos, tan, differentiate, integrate, Log10, Ln, RMS, Standard Deviation, FFT and many more
  • Export data and set-up parameters to host computers
  • Export Formats: WKS, ASCII, Binary, DADisp and user defined
Data Management:
  • Save test parameters, notes and data in spreadsheet-like format
  • Waveforms within tests are easily added to the display for viewing with other saved data or with newly acquired data
  • Documentation notes can be printed as hard copy for indexing purposes
Hard Copy & Report Generating:
  • Hard copy Options: Dot-matrix printer (single button-press to initiate copy) or plotter (HPGL format)
  • Waveforms may be printed or plotted to a file for later printing/plotting or for importing into word processing programs for report generation
Data Acquisition (25AD3 8 Channel card included):
  • Vertical Amplifiers Input: 8 analog channels with independent A/D converters for simultaneous acquisition and 8 digital event channels.
  • Channel Type: Single-ended or differential, selectable per channel
  • Input Ranges: ±100 mV to ±100 V Full Scale in 1, 2, 5 sequence
  • Vertical Resolution: 12 bit
  • Input Impedance: 1 MΩ
  • DC Offset ±15 V: minus the selected FS range from ±100 mV to ±10 V ranges
  • DC Offset ±150 V: minus the selected FS range from ±20 V to ±100 V ranges
  • CMRR: -60 dB at 100 Hz (up to ±10 V)
  • Crosstalk: -40 dB at 100 Hz
  • Acquisition Memory: 64 K samples per channel (standard) 512 K and 1 M samples per channel (optional)
  • Time Base Sample Rate: 1 S/min to 100 KS/s
  • Resolution: 10 µsec per point minimum. Selectable in increments of: 10 µsec up to 100 ms, 1 ms up to 60 sec
  • External Clock: Full range of sample rate
  • Trigger Level Range: 100% of full scale (plus offset)
  • Level Resolution: 0.5% of full scale
  • Slope: +, -, Either, or Off
  • Window Mode: Yes
  • Programmability: Logical OR, Logical AND combination of individual trigger criteria from each channel (analog or digital)
  • Pretrigger Range: Pretrigger and record length are selectable in 1 sample increments
Data Archiving:
  • All saved tests are time and date stamped and stores
Tektronix Test Equipment 2510S23 Applications
  • Mechanical System and Component Testing
  • Manufacturing Process Development, Documentation and Troubleshooting in the Semiconductor, Steel and Plastics Industries.
  • Electrical Power Distribution and Switching
  • Fluid Power Control Systems