Tektronix ASG 140 Audio Signal Generator

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Tektronix audio generators such as the ASG 140 offer potent solutions for audio testing. The four-channel ASG 140 combines compact size, ease-of-use and programmability. Operated manually or facilities.

The Tektronix ASG140 audio signal generator is operated by simple front-panel controls. Alternately, users may operate the generator via the rear panel RS-232 remote control port. Supporting a variety of baud rates, this interface permits seamless integration of audio signal generators in ATE test schemes. A wide variety of editing schemes permits user-defined values to be stored for later reuse.

The ASG 140 is designed for situations requiring no in-line connections. Its four audio outputs are grouped in two stereo pairs making it the ideal choice for service and alignment of MII, Betacam, D1, D2, D3, VTRs. Its audio output features 10fi output impedance.