Tektronix C30A Compact Camera for Oscilloscopes

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Tektronix C30A Compact Camera for Oscilloscopes
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Tektronix Test Equipment C30A
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C30A Datasheet
1.9-16 F-stop Oscilloscope Camera
Tektronix Test Equipment C30A Specs
CAMERA C-30 A With Option 1
Performance, Features and Benefits General purpose with variable magnification General purpose with full coverage of 8 x 10 cm crt
Lens f/1.9 f/1.9
Magnification 1.5 to 0.7 in ten detent steps 0.8 with corrector lens
Relative Lens Speed 1.0 at MAG setting of 0.7 0.9
Field of View 8 x 10 cm at MAG setting of 0.85 8 x 10 cm
Standard Shutter Mechanically actuated, 1 to 1/60 sec, plus Bulb and Time
Film Backs Polaroid Pack Back