Tektronix MDO4000C Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes

Rent Tektronix MDO4000C Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes
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Engineering designs today are a complex mix of processors, serial buses, and wireless interfaces. At the core of the MDO4000C is a reputable Tektronix oscilloscope paired with an expandable platform. Customize it to your testing needs. Add 16 logic channels, a 50 MHz arbitrary/function generator, protocol analysis, and an integrated true hardware 3 or 6 GHz spectrum analyzer to help tackle complex designs challenges.

Tektronix MDO4000C Features:

  • 4 analog channels
  • 1 GHz, 500 MHz, 350 MHz, and 200 MHz bandwidth models
  • Bandwidth is upgradeable (up to 1 GHz)
  • Up to 5 GS/s sample rate
  • 20 M record length on all channels
  • > 340,000 wfm/s maximum waveform capture rate
  • Standard passive voltage probes with 3.9 pF capacitive loading and 1 GHz or 500 MHz analog bandwidth
Model Analog Bandwidth
MDO4024C 200 MHz
MDO4034C 350 MHz
MDO4054C 500 MHz
MDO4104C 1 GHz