Tektronix MTG300 MPEG-2 Test and Monitoring Generator

Rent Tektronix MTG300 MPEG-2 Test and Monitoring Generator
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Tektronix Test Equipment MTG300
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MTG300 Datasheet
The Tektronix MTG300 MPEG-2 Test and Monitoring Generator is a flexible, cost-effective source of MPEG-2 transport streams for design evaluation and conformance testing of compressed digital video products. This instrument offers storage and playback of MPEG-2 transport streams compliant with the ATSC, DVB and ISDB standards. The MTG300 generates error-free, seamless transport streams for long term play out. To facilitate complete stress testing, the MTG300 features the most comprehensive capabilities for customizing transport streams on the market. The basic functionality of the MTG300, combined with the customization features of the MTG300, makes this MPEG generator ideally suited for use in research, design and manufacturing applications.
Tektronix Test Equipment MTG300 Features
  • High Capacity Storage and Playback of MPEG Transport Streams Files Let you Build, Maintain and Use a Large Local Library
  • Real-time Updating of Time Stamps and Time Tables for Error-free Looping
  • DVB, ATSC and ISDB Sample Transport Streams Provided To Get You Started
  • Easy Integration with MTS300 for Transport Stream Creation to Support Compliance and Stress Testing of Video Products Using MPEG-2 Technology
  • 100Base-T Ethernet Download of Transport Streams for Optimal Flexibility
  • Color Hierarchical Display of Transport Stream Components for Quick and Easy Interpretation of Complex Structures
  • A Full Suite of Electrical Interfaces Let You Address a Wide Range of Applications
  • PSI/SI/PSIP Editor to Create Streams That Simulate Marginal Conditions
  • Dynamic Insertion of System Information for "On-the-fly" Stream Modification to Reduce Test and Troubleshooting Time
  • Locally Edit Transport Stream Headers to Help You Fully Exercise Designs
  • Extensive and Flexible Control of PCR Value and Interval Jitter Lets You Stress and Characterize Product Performance
  • Delete or Replace Transport Stream Packets and Sections in Real Time to test Products Under a Wide Range of Conditions
Tektronix Test Equipment MTG300 Applications
  • IRD/STB Design Test
  • IRD/STB Manufacturing Test
  • Evaluation of Professional MPEG Equipment
  • Performance Verification of MPEG Systems
  • Substitution Generator for Digital TV Transmitters