Tektronix P5205 High Voltage Differential Probe

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This oscilloscope probe is an accessory and is only available to rent with an oscilloscope.

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The P5205 High Voltage Differential Probe probe shown in Figure 1 provides a safe means of measuring circuits with floating high voltages. The probe outputs a low-voltage, ground-referenced signal for display on instruments with the TEKPROBE interface (or any oscilloscope or other measurement instrument when used with the Tektronix 1103 TEKPROBE power supply).

To protect you from RF and high voltage, the case of the probe is non-conductive, internally shielded, and isolated. The internal shield connects to earth ground through the output lead. The case of the probe and control buttons are isolated and double insulated. This protection extends up to the full input rating of the probe.

The P5205 probe allows clear and accurate measurements of high-speed transitions and provides excellent rejection of common-mode signals. Both inputs have high impedance and low capacitance. Because of these features, the probe can safely measure the fast voltage transients in switching power devices without damaging them. Other applications for the P5205 probe include testing high-voltage motor control circuits and line-connected circuits in switch-mode power supplies.