Tektronix P6150 Low Impedance Probe 9 Ghz

Rent Tektronix P6150 Low Impedance Probe 9 Ghz
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Tektronix Test Equipment P6150
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P6150 Datasheet
The Tektronix P6150 Low Impedance Probe 9 GHz was designed for use with the SD2X family of Sampling/TDR plug-ins. The probe consists of interchangeable, screw-in attenuator tip assemblies (1X and 10X) and an SMA-to-SMA probe cable. An assortment of circuit and grounding attachments is included to optimize attachment to the device under test while maintaining high signal integrity.
Tektronix Test Equipment P6150 Specs
Nominal Length: 1 m
Attenuation: 10X: ±2%, 1X: ±2%
Bandwidth: 9 GHz, ≥3 GHz
Rise Time: <38.8 ps, ≤170 ps
Loading Input R/C: 500 Ω/<0.15 pF, 50 Ω/N/A
Max Vin: 12.5 VRMS
Propagation Delay: 4.40 ns ±0.1 ns, 4.40 ns ±0.1 ns
Tektronix Test Equipment P6150 Applications
  • High-speed Device Characterization in Microwave Communication, Signal Processing and Logic Applications
  • Propagation Delays for ECL, GaAs and Other Logic Circuitry and Devices
  • Circuit Board Impedance Testing (TDR)
  • High-speed Sampling Systems