Tektronix P7516 TriMode Probe 16 GHz

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Rent Tektronix P7516 TriMode Probe 16 GHz
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Tektronix Test Equipment P7516
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P7516 Datasheet
Tektronix invented a revolutionary probing architecture called “TriMode™ Probing” that defines the next-generation industry benchmark for usability and signal fidelity. This architecture changes the rules of probing and allows you to work more effectively and efficiently. By enabling unique functionality, the Tektronix P7516 TriMode Probe 16 GHz allows you to switch between differential, single ended, and common mode measurements without moving the probe from its connection points. Improved productivity is achieved by reducing setup time. One setup can be used to make the three different types of measurements all with the press of a button. The TriMode Probe architecture for the P7516 continues the Tektronix tradition of high-bandwidth and low-DUT loading while providing improved connectivity and value.
Tektronix Test Equipment P7516 Specs
Bandwidth: >16 GHz
Rise Time: <32 ps
Attenuation: 5X or 12.5X
Differential Input Range: ±0.75 V (5X)
±1.75 V (12.5X)
Operating Voltage Window: +4.0 to –2.0 V
Offset Voltage Range: +2.5 to –1.5 V, A-B mode
+3.4 to –1.8 V, other modes
DC Input Resistance: 100k ohms
Noise: <33 nV / √Hz (5X)
<48 nV / √Hz (12.5X)
CMRR: >60 dB at DC
>40 dB at 50 MHz
>30 dB to 1 GHz
>20 dB to 8 GHz
>15 dB to 16 GHz
Nondestructive Input Range: ±15 V