Tektronix PG506 Oscilloscope Instruments: Amplitude Calibrator

Tektronix PG506 Oscilloscope Calibration Instruments: Amplitude Calibrator
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optional equipment:

Tektronix TM501 Time Mark Generator
Tektronix SG503 Leveled Sinewave Generator
Tektronix TM503 3 Bay Mainframe


  • Three Squarewave Output Modes
  • 10Hz to 1MHz
  • Direct Readout of Oscilloscope Deflection Error
  • 5mA calibration current loop for current probe calibration
  • Amplitude Calibration Mode
    Period: fixed at approx. 1 ms or dc
    Amplitude: 200µV p-p to 100V p-p
  • Pulse Modes
    Period: 1µs to 10ms in decade steps
  • High Amplitude Output
    Rise Time: unterminated: 100ns or less.  Terminated into 50 ohms: 10ns or less
  • Fast-Rise Outputs
    Rise-Time (Terminated into 50 ohms): < 1.0ns
    Polarity: simultaneous positive and negative going