Tektronix SPG 1000 HDTV Sync Generator

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Tektronix SPG1000 Analog HDTV Sync Generator - Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
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Tektronix Test Equipment SPG1000
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HDTV Sync Generator
Tektronix Test Equipment SPG1000 Features
  • HDTV Master or Slave Sync Generator
  • Three Trilevel Sync and One Set of Test Signal Outputs
  • Sync Locks to HDTV, NTSC and PAL Signals
  • Genlock and Sync Timing Controls
  • Test Signals to Support Post Production Operations
  • Supplies Genlock Function for TSG1000 Series Generators
  • Ground Closure or RS-232 Remote Control
Tektronix Test Equipment SPG1000 Specs
The Tek SPG 1000 TV Sync Generator is a multi-format HDTV Sync Generator. Designed to support the HDTV production environment, the Tek SPG 1000 also provides a genlock function and an external clock source for the TSG1000 Series Programmable and HDTV Generators.
Sync Generator:

The Tek SPG 1000 provides master and slave sync generator capabilities for multi-format HDTV production environment. Independent selection of output and genlock input formats (see Table 1), timing advance and delay controls and timing presets provide flexibility in system integration. In the absence of an incoming reference signal, the Tek SPG 1000 automatically switches to its own stable internal reference.

Test Signals:

The Tek SPG 1000 test signal complement is designed to support the operational requirements of the typical post production environment. These include picture monitor setup signals and color bars for tape leaders.

The Tek SPG 1000 test signal set includes:
  • 100% color bars
  • Pluge with white clip indicator
  • Black, grey, white and red fields
  • Convergence pattern with 5% overscan markers
  • 5 step grey scale
  • Timing signal with 1 ns markers

Test signals are provided in GBR and Y, PB, PR format.

Controls and Indicators:

All Tek SPG 1000 operating selections and timing adjustments may be made from the front panel. Once all selections are made, the front panel controls may be disabled to prevent accidental changes to user settings. The vacuum fluorescent front panel display provides information on the front panel function currently selected.

Tektronix Test Equipment SPG1000 Applications
Master or Slave Sync Generation in HDTV Production Environment