Tektronix SV970 MPEG Transport Stream Monitor

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The Tektronix SV970 MPEG Transport Stream Monitor is specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of real time DVB montiroing in a transmission environment. With the rapid deployment of digital satellite, terrestrial and cable television, the requirement to ensure that digital broadcasts can be decoded by subscribers set-top boxes (IRDs) and that pictures are of optimum quality is paramount. Tektronix SV970 MPEG Transport Stream Monitors achieve this by continuously monitoring up to four separate transport streams in real time – verifying they conform to the specifications. In a modern broadcast environment, transport streams originate from a variety of sources including contribution links and pre-encoded material. These sources need to be monitored in real time prior to the final multiplex and transmission. SV970 Transport Stream Monitor is designed to meet your complete real-time monitoring requirement, forming part of a network control system solution. SV970 provides you with a cost effective, flexible and upgradable monitoring architecture