Tektronix TCPA400 AC/DC Current Probe Amplifier

Rent Tektronix TCPA400 AC/DC Current Probe Amplifier
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Tektronix Test Equipment TCPA400
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TCPA400 Datasheet
The Tektronix TCPA400 AC/DC Current Probe Amplifier is a highly advanced current measurement system for today's current measurement needs. The split-core probes incorporate both transformer and Hall effect technology to provide broad bandwidth measurement capabilities from DC up to 50 MHz at current levels as low as 1 milliamp to thousands of amps (when used with CT4 current transformer). When connected to Tektronix TDS Oscilloscopes with TEKPROBE Level II or TekConnect (w/TCA-BNC) interfaces, current measurements and calculations are simple and easy. For even higher current levels, the TCPA400 amplifier with the TCP404XL current probe measures 500 A DC continuous and 750 A DC continuous, derated with duty cycle.
Tektronix Test Equipment TCPA400 Features
  • AC/DC Measurement Capabilities
  • DC-50 MHz, Current Probe Amplifier (TCPA400) uses:
    • DC-2 MHz, 750 A DC (TCP404XL)(500 A DC Continuous)
  • AC/DC Input Coupling
  • Low insertion impedance reduces device under test loading
  • Split-core construction allows easy circuit connection
  • Lower DC Drift and noise allows improved low-level current measurements