Tektronix TG700 Multiformat Video Generator

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Tektronix Test Equipment TG700
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TG700 Datasheet
The Tektronix TG700 Multiformat Video Generator is a multiformat, analog and digital, precision signal generation platform. Designed with the changing needs of the video industry in mind, the TG700 offers sync pulse generation and test signal generation for a wide array of analog, serial digital, and digital high-definition formats. The TG700 Multiformat Video Generator has a modular architecture that offers the flexibility to meet the single-format and growing multiformat needs of the video professional. The TG700 mainframe allows up to four of the following modules to be fitted in the mainframe.
Tektronix Test Equipment TG700 Features
  • Multiformat Analog and Digital Test Signal Generation
  • Ideal Channel Configuration and Performance to Support Reference Generator Needs
  • Modular Expandable Platform
  • Stay GenLock™ – Unique, Robust Genlock Mode provides Stable Synchronization Signals for Digital and Traditional Broadcast Facilities
Tektronix Test Equipment TG700 Applications
  • Sync Pulse Generator and Test Signal Generator for Post Production and Broadcast Facilities
  • Test Signal Generator for Research and Development
  • Equipment Design and Maintenance