Tektronix TOP400 Optical Attenuator

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Tektronix TOP400 Optical Attenuator
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Tektronix TOP400 Optical Attenuator Tektronix TOP400 Optical Attenuator
Tektronix Test Equipment TOP400
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The Tektronix TOP400 Optical Attenuator is a handheld optical attenuator. Its superior design allow it to have less than 2 dB of insertion loss. The TOP400, when used with an optical power meter and source, allows the user to manually dial in attenuation to determine system headroom. It's a passive device and does not require batteries or power for operation.

The Tek TOP400 uses a proprietary scheme for the attenuating mechanism. The small size and large dial indicator make this instrument an indispensable tool for fiber optic line commissioning, bit error rate (BER) measurements, system margin analysis, and receiver sensitivity testing. All optical connections are via the precision Universal Connector Interface (UCI) which offers low insertion loss, low return loss, and excellent stability.

Tektronix Test Equipment TOP400 Features
  • Ideal for Testing System Headroom
  • Passive Device - No Power Required
  • Adjustable Attenuation
  • Universal connector interface (UCI)
  • Less than 2 dB insertion loss
Tektronix Test Equipment TOP400 Specs
Insertion Loss < 2 dB (1.25 dB typical)
Attenuation Range -0 to 35 dB
Return Loss < -40 dB (with FC, ST, SC, and DIN connectors)