Tektronix TSG-170D Digital Composite Generator

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Tektronix TSG-170D Digital Composite Generator
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Tektronix TSG-170D Digital Composite Generator Tektronix TSG-170D Digital Composite Generator
Tektronix Test Equipment TSG170D
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TSG170D Datasheet
NTSC Digital Composite Generator
Tektronix Test Equipment TSG170D Features
  • Conforms to SMPTE 244M, 259M, RP 155, RP 165, and ANSI S4.40
  • Digital and NTSC Analog Test Signal Outputs
  • Digital and Analog Audio Tone Outputs
  • Black Burst Output for Master SPG Application
  • Genlock with Output Timing Offset
  • 12 Character Identification
  • Tape Leader Countdown
  • Optional Serial Digital Video Interface
Tektronix Test Equipment TSG170D Specs
  • Sampling Frequency: 4 FSC (14.3 MHz)
  • Sampling Phase: I and Q axes
  • Digital Coding: 10-bit linear PCM
  • Dynamic Range: Hex value:
    Sync Tip: 10 hex
    Blanking Level: F0 hex
    White Level: 320 hex
    LSB/IRE: 5.6
  • Output Format: Balanced ECL (10K series); 10 data pairs, 1 clock pair, system ground, chassis ground


Parallel Digital Audio Interface
  • Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz.
    Digital Coding: 20 bits linear PCM; two's complement coding
  • Output Format: Byte serial transmission clocked at 768 kHz.  Four channels transmitted every 48 kHz sample period.  Balanced ECL (10K series); 8 data pairs, 1 clock pair, 1 sync pair, system ground, and chassis ground.  Connector: 25-Pin D


Serial Digital Video Interface
  • Digital Format: 4 FSC Composite NTSC; 8 or 10-bit data; Scrambled NRZI
  • Bit Rate: 143 Mb/s
  • Outputs: Number of Connector: 3/BNC


Test Signal Generator
  • SMPTE color bars
  • Convergence
  • Pulse & bar with window
  • Multiburst
  • 5-step luminance staircase
  • Luminance ramp
  • Modulated ramp
  • Selectable 10% or 90% APL
  • Bounce
  • 10 and 100 IRE flat fields
  • Red field
  • Multibars
  • NTC 7 composite
  • System test matrix
  • Monitor setup matrix
  • 5 MHz line sweep
  • Multipulse


Character ID/Tape Leader Countdown
  • ID of up to 12 alphanumeric characters
  • ten to two (in seconds) countdown


Audio Tone Generator
  • parallel and serial audio tone generators produce 20- and 24-bit digital streams respectively, each representing a sine wave reference signal
  • 800 Hz or 1 kHz
  • Parallel digital data output is a byte-wide serial interface clocked at 768 kHz.   Serial digital data is output in the AES/EBU serial format


Remote Control
Tektronix Test Equipment TSG170D Applications
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Digital Composite Plant Operations