Tektronix TSG 271 PAL Television Generator

Tektronix TSG 271 PAL Television Generator
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Tektronix Test Equipment TSG271
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TSG271 Datasheet
PAL Television Signal Generator
Tektronix Test Equipment TSG271 Features
  • Precise 12-Bit Digitally Derived Test Signals
  • SCH Phase Accuracy, Guaranteed by Use of a Single DAC
  • Conforms to EBU Statements D23 and D25
  • Stable Internal Reference, Ideal for Master Sync Operation
  • Reliable Slave Operation through Use of Digital Genlock
  • Separate Front Panel Genlock and Sync Timing Controls

Test Signals
  • Color bars
  • Color bars over red
  • Pluge
  • Convergence
  • White window
  • Grey window
  • Ramp
  • Modulated ramp
  • Staircase
  • Modulated staircase
  • Pulse and bar with window
  • Field squarewave
  • Multipulse
  • Multiburst
  • Line sweep
  • (Sin x)/x
  • Flat fields
  • Red field
  • APL level
Tektronix Test Equipment TSG271 Applications
  • Test Signal and Sync Generation for Broadcast and Post Production
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Digital Composite Plant Operations