Tektronix TSG90 Pathfinder TV Signal Generator

Tektronix TSG90 Pathfinder TV Signal Generator
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Tektronix Test Equipment TSG90
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The Tektronix TSG 90 Pathfinder TV Signal Generator is designed for ease of operation and outstanding portability. It provides a complement of 16 NTSC test signals, including the SafeArea signal. It also provides 13 selectable audio frequencies from50 Hz to 20 kHz, a 50 Hz to 20 kHz audio sweep, and an audio click channel ID. The two stereo Audio outputs may be set to one of three selectable amplitudes: 0 dBu, +4 dBu, or +8 dBu.

The Tektronix TSG90 Pathfinder provides character ID capability, as well, storing up to eight messages consisting of two 16 character lines of text. Any one of these text messages may be inserted into the video test signal, or up to four of them may be cycled in a continuous loop (displaying for 1 to 9 seconds each) in any order. These messages may be displayed anywhere in the safe action area of the picture, or the first line of the message may be moved into the vertical interval.
Tektronix Test Equipment TSG90 Specs
Characteristic Performance Req. Supplemental Info
Luminance Amplitude Accuracy +1% of 714.3 mV (100 + 1 IRE)  
Chrominance-to-Luminance Gain +2% of 714.3 mV (100 + 2 IRE) 1% typical.
Blanking Level 0 V + 50 mV  
Rise Time Accuracy +10% Except where otherwise noted
Burst Amplitude 285.7 mV (40 IRE) + 2%  
Sync Amplitude 285.7 mV (40 IRE) + 2%  
Sync Rise Time 140 ns + 20 ns  
Output Impedance   75 Ω
Return Loss   ≥36 dB at 4.2MHz
Subcarrier Stability 3.579545 MHz + 10 Hz Over a temp. range of 0 to +45°C
Signal-to-Noise Ratio    ≥ 60 dB; Signal passed through a continuous random noise measurement low pass filter
Chrominance-to-Luminance Delay ≤ 15 ns 10 ns typical. Measured with the NTC7 Composite signal
SCH Phase 0°C + 5°C  
Frequency Response Flat within +2% to 4.2 MHz