Tektronix VITS100 Generator and Inserter

Tektronix VITS100 Generator and Inserter
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Tektronix Test Equipment VITS100
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Manual Specifications
NTSC Video VITS Inserter
Tektronix Test Equipment VITS100 Features
Test Signal Generator
  • NTC 7 composite and combination
  • FCC composite, multi-burst, and color bars
  • Vertical interval reference signal (VIRS)
  • (Sin x)/x


Inserter/deleter Functions
  • Insert any test signal, or the source identification signal on any line from 17 through 20 of both fields
  • Delete and pass functions are available for the same lines as the insert function


Program Channel
  • Distortions and transients are virtually eliminated


Source Identification
  • Provides a one line 16-Bit source identification code
  • The VM700A Video Measurement Set utilizes this signal for identification of sources on displays and print outs of measurement routines