Tektronix VITS201 Analog Generator

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Tektronix VITS201 Analog Generator
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Tektronix VITS201 Analog Generator Tektronix VITS201 Analog Generator
Tektronix Test Equipment VITS201
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VITS201 Datasheet
Analog Generator
Tektronix Test Equipment VITS201 Features
  • Digital Composite Signal Generation
  • CCIR, EBU, UK National ITS
  • Operates in the Presence of Sound in Syncs
  • Four External ITS Inputs
  • Source Identification
  • Program Line Sync and Burst Regeneration
  • Loss of Program Input Modes:
    - External Input to Program Out
    - Internal Generator to Program Out
    - Program Line Bypass
  • User Programmable Text Generator Provides:
    - Message in Program Line Vertical Interval
    - Message in Active Picture Area for Loss of Program Input Modes
  • User Programs for:
    - Insertion of Internal, External, and Source Identification Signals
    - Loss of Program Input Modes Text Insertion
  • All User Program Settings Saved in Nonvolatile Storage
  • Monitor Output
  • Remote Control